You’re a tool

I’ve always been a fan of age appropriate real tools, but when my daughter sat on my lap and patiently took apart a DVD player at age two (I loosened the scews) while we watched a movie, that belief turned more into a dogma. Not only does it boost a childs confidence to be productively helping their parents, using tools at a young age (with appropriate supervision), is excellent for hand eye coordination. Unfortunately I’ve never found a decent “My First Toolkit” so unless you’ve found one (please leave it in the comments) we’ll have to build out own. Half of having the toolkit is litterally (don’t you hate that… litterally) just to have it while you work on something your kids have their own tools to work with.

Screwdriver. Nothing fancy.

Stanley 60-020 2-Piece Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set

Pliers. Not much a kid is gonna be able to do with pliers, but ther so much they’re gonna try and do, and thats the benefit.

Stanley 84-055 Bi-Material Slip Joint Plier, 6 Inch

The problem with an adjustable wrench is how easy they adjust. This might be one you’d want to get from the store so you can play with it to determine if your child would be capable of adjusting it. I’d actually probably sit the kid in the cart and let um play with it for a while… if I ever went shopping, but I don’t, so I’d order it off Amazon.

TOOGOO(R) 4 Inch Professional Adjustable Wrench Spanner Hand Tool
You’ll need a bag to put it all in, I like these because they are brightly colored and not too large. Of course, any stiff bag will work, even an old purse or carpet bag.

The Original Pink Box PB12TB 12-Inch Tool Bag, Pink

MasterTEC Lime Green Tool Storage Bag

Now keep an eye out at thrift stores and garage sales, you can find some exceptionally good, if a bit rusty, tools for really cheap.
Naval jelly is the official product for removing rust.

Loctite 553472 16 Fluid Ounce Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver

Though soaking in vinegar for a few hours to a few days usually works well enough. I’ve heard an ol’ timer say apple juice concentrate is the best, he also said to be careful because apple juice concentrate is so acidic it can burn your skin. I don’t know where he was getting his apple juice, but as I don’t consume a lot of apple juice I haven’t tried it, let me know if you do!

(You’re a parent or responsible for a child. Or you have a relationship with a child and there is a person responsible for that child and you’re just giving an Awesome Toys gift. The person responsible for that child is the only one responsible for that child, trying to pass that responsibility onto someone else because you did something stupid and don’t want to take responsibility for your own actions is being a bad parent and you should have someone else take over permenent responsibility for that child.
Tools can be dangerous. Be a parent. Be responsible.)

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